Making cuts

A Bassmaster Elite Series tournament is a little like a game in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The goal is to survive (win) and move on to the next round. The more you survive, the greater the reward.At the Elite angler level, it's all about making cuts. Everybody fishes the first two days before the field is cut in half for the third round. Only the top 12 anglers advance to the finals.

A Day on the Lake LIVE

On September 7, the community is going to get to pick his brain, learn how he approaches new water and the baits and tactics that produce for him in all those different fisheries.

Edwin Evers Get Hooked on Water Safety

OOLOGAH, Oklahoma — A sign featuring professional bass fisherman and Oklahoma native Edwin Evers and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mascot Bobber is displayed at the Skull Hollow recreation area at Oologah Lake, Oklahoma, Sept. 5, 2011.

2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Schedule

CELEBRATION, Fla. — Lucky 7 plus one marks the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series schedule. It’s the seventh year of the world’s premier competitive bass fishing circuit and with it comes seven premium venues for the world’s top professional anglers ... plus one “Mystery Lake.”

Elite schedule all about timing

Expect some surprises along with big smiles when the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series schedule is released Tuesday, Jerry McKinnis said.

MLF Role A Chance To Give Back To Sport

Having fished his first tournament as a professional in 1979, Gary Klein has competed under just about every format that's ever been dreamed up for this sport. He's also built a reputation over those three-plus decades as an even-keeled, fair-minded individual.

Edwin Evers’ shallow water system gallery

Any good system starts with good equipment. For Evers, it centers on his rod and reel, a 7-foot heavy Pro Qualifier paired with a 6.3:1 Pro Qualifier reel. “I’m not a big fan of a heavy 7 1/2-foot flipping sticks,” Evers said. “That’s hard on my elbows. This rod is light, and I can flip a bait way up under cover.”


Tommy Sanders interviews Luck "E" Strike's Bobby Dennis, and looks at Edwin Evers' Elite Series career. Episode 8 - 8.


BTL - BASS TALK LIVE, gives the viewers an opportunity to interact with the Nation's top bass fishing professionals.  BTL is an hour + LIVE webcast hosted by Mark Jeffreys, Dru Smith, Matt Pangrac, Gary Guidice, Brent Conway and Elite Series Pro, Kenyon Hill.  Viewers can call the Berkley Toll Free Hotline and ask questions directly with the source of success and failure on the pro tour.This is the place to watch, listen and learn from the best.Don't settle for the prerecorded.......GO LIVE with BTL

BASS TALK LIVE with Edwin Evers


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