Edwin Invincible: Evers’ 2019 Season was Truly One for the Ages

Edwin Evers is contorted under the rear transom of his Nitro Z21, screwing in the drain plug before he launches back into the Upper Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconson. It’s the morning after Evers claimed the REDCREST trophy and its accompanying $300,000 paycheck, and the new champ is here with an MLF Films crew to shoot his “Winning Pattern” video. As he screws the plug in and slowly unfolds his body, a wince crosses his face.

“Man, I’m sore,” Evers says, the wince instantly replaced with a wry smile.

Near as I can tell, this is the first time in 2019 that Edwin Evers appears to not be invincible.

But even this momentary discomfort fits the storyline of his season: Evers is sore this morning because he caught so many bass the day before, in the most important day of competition of the season. He’s sore because at one point on Championship Sunday, he caught so many Mississippi River largemouth on consecutive casts that his hands cramped up on the handles of his Bass Pro Shops reel.

Evers is sore because he was just so damn good on a historical championship day when it mattered the most. Nearly-45-pounds-better-then-the-next-guy good.